Bedtime Stories: Inside Hobart’s Risdon Prison

October 31, 2009ABC, Australian stories, Documentary, News, Social issues

Risdon Prison just outside Hobart is one of the country’s most notorious jails. It’s known for its infamous inmates, including Port Arthur killer Martin Bryant and criminal-turned-celebrity Mark ‘Chopper’ Read. It’s frequently the scene of riots, sieges and suicides, and prisoners’ groups claim that human rights abuses happen on a daily basis – from food … Read More

Choosing part-time work kept me sane

June 22, 2022News, Opinion, The Sydney Morning Herald

Late last year, I was offered my dream job – serving on the executive team of an influential NGO reporting directly to the impressive female CEO. But when the offer was made, I became paralysed with fear. How would I manage a demanding full-time role plus my responsibilities as a sole parent – to myself … Read More

The motherhood penalty

April 1, 2015Features, News, Social issues, The Sydney Morning Herald

Annette Noble’s first child was four months old when she boarded an international flight for a week-long business trip. “I got on the plane and breathed a sigh of relief. I thought, ‘No one can contact me for at least 24 hours,’ ” she says. No one could question Noble’s dedication to her marketing job. She … Read More

Tanya Plibersek: Force to be reckoned with

October 20, 2013Features, News, Profiles, The Sydney Morning Herald

Tanya Plibersek has a gift for doing many things at once. “My personal favourite was writing a speech, talking on the telephone and breastfeeding,” says Labor’s 43-year-old MP for the federal seat of Sydney, whisking egg yolks, lemon juice and olive oil into a home-made mayonnaise. It’s lunchtime at Plibersek’s inner-city home and the mother … Read More

Kingdom of women

April 28, 2013ABC, Documentary, Features, News, Social issues, World Cultures

Imagine if your brother raised your children and your husband visited a few times a week. This is the ancient cultural practice of the Mosuo people – one of the last surviving matriarchal societies in the world. In 2012, Erin O’Dwyer travelled to China’s Yunnan province with photographer Dave Tacon to learn more about the … Read More