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How much does it cost to hire a writer or an editor?

Hiring a writer or editor is a worthwhile investment.

Cost will depend on the scope of your project, including deadlines, deliverables, format, and word length.

No matter your budget, I can work with you to tailor a fair and reasonable quote. 

I charge by the hour, or by project, and I work hard to ensure I always deliver a cohesive final product.

I offer a range of packages including:

  • Final proofread
  • Minor copyedit and proofread
  • Full manuscript appraisal or first chapter + synopsis appraisal
  • Full manuscript structural edit, copyedit and appraisal
  • Specialist academic edit including reference list, in-text citations, formatting and styling
  • Minor update or complete rewrite of website copy and marketing assets
  • Full speechwriting service including research, writing and slide deck
  • Fresh eye on a website, report, grant, promotion, CV or keynote speech

I monitor industry rates and price match my quotes. You’ll find more information on industry rates here:

 Want to know more? Contact me to discuss a quote. You can also read more about briefing an editor here.