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Professional writing workshops and creative writing workshops

What makes a story worthy of publication? What ensures a book will be accepted for publication? What makes your writing stand out?

In my professional writing and creative writing workshops, I teach you how to craft strong writing, plan compelling storytelling, and refine and execute your writing ideas.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Different genres and styles
  • Gathering the key elements of a story
  • Understanding the narrative arc
  • Structuring short and long-form writing
  • Identifying news values and news hooks
  • Planning and plotting
  • Developing, researching and refining an idea
  • Shaping, drafting and editing your work
  • Analysing and critiquing other work
  • How to pitch your work for publication

Interested in attending a professional writing workshop or a creative writing workshop? Get in touch to discuss your needs and learn about my upcoming workshops. Organisations or institutions interested in on-site or remote workshops can contact me here.