Journalism, Publications, and Career

Q. How does your background in journalism inform your writing and editing services?

A. My 25 years in journalism has given me a love of storytelling that infuses every aspect of my writing, editing, and consulting servicesFrom Indigenous affairs to climate change, my passion for storytelling drives compelling content creation – which is how your writing can stand out from the crowd.


Q. Where have you been published?

A. My work has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Australian Geographic, The Guardian, and more. I’ve also produced radio documentaries for ABC Radio National and been recognised three times in the Australian United Nations Media Peace AwardRead a few of my latest stories or view my client list.

Q. What teaching and academic experience do you have?

A. I have two decades of teaching experience at leading Australian universities including the University of Sydney, UTS, QUT, and UOW. I’ve instructed in journalism, narrative non-fiction, memoir writing and media law. Many former students are now industry colleagues. I hold a BA/LLB (Hons) and a PhD in English literature from UTS. I’m also a qualified lawyer admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of NSW. 


Copy, Content, and Creative Writing

Q. What kind of writing services do you provide?

A. An easier question to answer might be, ‘What kind of copywriting services don’t I provide?’ When words are involved, in almost any capacity, I can help your project shine. My overarching writing services include:

  • Website copy
  • Email newsletters and eDMs
  • Policy papers and white papers
  • Speeches
  • Marketing and digital marketing assets
  • Annual reports
  • Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs)
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Video and podcast scripts
  • Blog posts
  • News articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Ghostwriting and life writing

Q. What’s the difference between a writing workshop and writing coaching?

A. The main difference is that writing workshops foster your story and written word craftsmanship through structured group sessions. Coaching is focused on bespoke individual project developmentIn my creative writing workshops, you’ll learn the fundamentals of crafting strong writing, planning compelling storytelling, and refining your writing ideas. Hiring me as a professional writing coach will give you personalised, one-on-one guidance focused on the project of your choice.


Q. Copywriting vs content writing: Which one do I need?

A. Copywriting persuades readers to take action. Content writing informs, educates, or entertains without prompting immediate action. 

  • If you want to drive conversions, choose copywriting. 
  • For brand awareness and engagement, choose content writing. 

My two cents? Both copy and content writing are essential and most effective when used in tandem. Be it a marketing campaign to drive your sales or a new business brand launch, both of these writing types are crucial for communicating to your customers.


Q. How does ghostwriting work?

A. Ghostwriting involves hiring an experienced writer to bring your story to life. If you have a tale to tell but struggle with writing, a ghostwriter can help. Together, we collaborate to develop, draft, and shape your narrative, aiming to create a manuscript ready for publication. A successful ghostwriting partnership relies on trust and understanding, ensuring the writer captures your voice and vision accurately. 


Q. I want to write a memoir. How can you help?

A. Hiring an experienced memoir editor ensures your manuscript stands out amidst the crowded market while maintaining the integrity of your personal story. Together, we’ll delve into crucial elements such as narrative arc, central themes, characters, scenes, and dialogue. Most importantly, we’ll navigate the delicate line between truth-telling and respecting the people you love. 


Professional Editing Services

Q. What’s the difference between copyediting and proofreading?

A. Copyediting (also known as line editing) enhances text quality, corrects errors, ensures style consistency, and addresses factual inaccuracies. Proofreading focuses on polishing the text for typos, spelling, and minor grammatical issues, and preparing it for publication. A misconception about professional editing services is that it’s a choice between one or the other. In reality, you need both to create a standout piece of work.


Q. What kind of editing does my work need?

A. The type of editing your work requires depends on your writing skill and where you are in the writing process. During developmental and structural editing, we focus on narrative arc, themes, scenes, characters, and overall storytelling. Copyediting ensures coherence, clarity, and consistency of the text, improving flow and expression while correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Finally, proofreading eliminates language, grammatical, and textual errors before publication. If you’re not sure what kind of editing services you need or how to navigate all three stages, get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation.


Q. Do I need a manuscript assessment before I submit to publishers?

A. Completing a manuscript is a significant accomplishment. Before sending it to a publisher, it’s crucial to seek input from a specialist non-fiction book editor. A manuscript assessment is the best way to pinpoint what’s working and what needs attention. Think of it as a blueprint for success that takes into consideration the storyline, themes, and writing quality of your work as well as the publishing industry’s needs and preferences. Together with my team of professional editors, we’ll ensure your manuscript shines and gets the attention it deserves.


For Businesses and Academics

Q. What business writing services do you offer?

A. I provide comprehensive business writing services tailored to elevate your brand and communication efforts. From crafting compelling speeches, submissions, and opinion articles to developing business documents like briefing notes, reports and white papers, I ensure your message resonates with your audience. My services also extend to corporate content writing for in-house magazines, newsletters, and annual reports, as well as press releases, social media content, and website copy. 


Q. Can’t I just get speech writing or copywriting done with AI?

A. The short answer? No! While AI tools can assist with certain aspects of writing, they lack the human touch and nuanced understanding required for impactful speeches and copywriting. Hiring a professional speechwriter ensures your speech is well-structured, engaging, and tailored to your audience. From crafting compelling stories to incorporating data and delivering a strong call to action, a speechwriter ensures your message resonates and leaves a lasting impression.


Q. Why does my business need thought leadership content?

A. In today’s crowded business landscape, thought leadership sets your brand apart. Thought leadership content showcases your expertise, elevates awareness, and engages your audience. It demonstrates highly sought-after leadership in your field through social media, LinkedIn articles, blog posts, and books – amplifying your voice and influence. Thought leadership not only fosters leads and audience growth but also establishes credibility and builds community engagement. Additionally, storytelling for your brand humanises your business, making it relatable and memorable. 


Q. How can online thesis editing services benefit university students and researchers?

A. When it comes to your PhD thesis, Master’s project, or peer-reviewed journal article, editing and proofreading are paramount. They can mean the difference between a pass or a resubmit with major corrections. It can also make or break your publication submission, grant application or promotion. By hiring me as your academic proofreader and editor, you gain access to a seasoned professional with a PhD qualification and over two decades of teaching experience at leading Australian universities. This experience means I know what I’m talking about, and I know what universities are looking for. In addition to ensuring your work meets the highest academic standards, I can help with in-text citations and reference formatting (including APA6, APA7, Chicago [CMOS], Harvard, Oxford and IEEE).


Fees and Working With Me

Q. What are your fees for copywriting and editing?

A. The cost of hiring a writer or editor varies based on several factors, including project scope, deadlines, deliverables, format, and word length. I offer flexible pricing options tailored to accommodate different budgets and project requirements. Whether you prefer hourly rates or project-based pricing, I strive to provide fair and reasonable quotes. Get in touch for a customised quote.


Q. Do you work with clients remotely?

A. Absolutely! I collaborate with clients both remotely and in person, using online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, WhatsApp and email for seamless communication. Regardless of location or time zone differences, we can find flexible solutions to ensure efficient and effective collaboration on your project.


Q. How can I get in contact with you?

A. Feel free to email me directly at to discuss your project. Alternatively, fill out the online enquiry form and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.