Take your manuscript from draft to done!

Are you an aspiring author seeking clarity and direction for your manuscript? Or a seasoned writer wanting to refine your project? Wherever you are in your writing career, manuscript assessments are a crucial step in taking your project closer to publication.

What is a manuscript assessment?

A manuscript assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your written work, providing valuable insights and feedback from an experienced industry professional – like me!

An assessment is typically done before a structural edit or proofread. I evaluate your story as a whole and provide guidance on genre, themes, character development, voice and tone, and overall coherence. A manuscript assessment is a key milestone on your journey from draft to publication.

Why is a manuscript assessment important?

The publishing landscape is highly competitive. This means a well-crafted and polished work is essential. Publishers are looking for out-of-the ordinary stories that have the X-factor and resonate with readers. Standing out from the crowd is essential.

A manuscript assessment offers invaluable feedback to refine your narrative, strengthen story arcs, adhere to genre conventions and ensure consistency in tone and style. It helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, ultimately increasing your manuscript’s chances of success.

Industry insights: A competitive edge

With over two decades of experience in the creative industries, I know what makes a good story. I provide nuanced feedback tailored to each writer’s unique voice and vision. I coach my clients to produce their best writing, and tell their story from the heart. My services give you a competitive edge, better positioning you to pitch your work to publishers or to self-publish with confidence.

Take the next step in your writing journey

Whether you’re a first-time writer or a seasoned communicator, my manuscript assessment services are here to support you. Contact me today to schedule your manuscript assessment and take the next step towards realising your writing aspirations.

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