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Thought leadership services and storytelling for business

Got an idea which deserves a wider audience? Want to distill your business ethos into an online article? Need to bring your brand story to life?

Creative content for thought leadership

Thought leadership shows your expertise in your field – through written content, social media posts and book authorship.

Thought leadership puts your voice at the centre – of your career, your industry, your organisation. It’s not just CEOs and entrepreneurs that can take the stage as leaders. We are all leaders, in our own way. Showing effective leadership can get you where you want to go.

Content for thought leadership includes social media posts, LinkedIn articles, opinion pieces, blogs, white papers, podcasts, short video and scripted interviews – which you share via your channels.

Thought leadership generates leads, grows audience, and builds profile. It is inspiring, surprising and share-worthy.

I can help you generate ideas and distill them into words, so that you can influence, inspire and lead your communities.

I can also dovetail with your communications team, to refine and shape the news hook and narrative arc in your thought leadership.

Storytelling for brand and business

The best global brands have one thing in common – a great story.

Storytelling for business puts people at the centre of the strategy. Story is relatable and memorable. It taps into ancient neural pathways essential for early human survival. It puts the who and the why, before the what and the how.

Brand storytelling connects you with your customer instantly, and delivers automatic benefits to your bottom line.

Storytelling for business includes origin stories, profiles, case studies, bios, anecdotes, quotes, scripted interviews, scripted videos, and podcasts.

I can work alongside with your marketing team to identify and refine the key narrative elements to bring your brand story to life.

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