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Do I need an editor for my book?

Knowing when and how to brief an editor is an essential step in ensuring a good client/editor relationship. Setting out scope, timeline and budget, as well any essential style requirements and deliverables, will help us work together effectively.

Knowing what to ask for can help. But sometimes it’s not that simple. I meet with prospective clients before we begin, so that I understand both the client and their project.

What to include in your editing brief

  • Describe your project – give me a detailed overview, including scope, nature, purpose, intended audience, and any relevant background.
  • What stage are you at – specify what’s been done already, what still needs to be completed, whether it is under or over the correct word length, and what level of editing is required.
  • Provide a list of items to be edited and any additional resources – include your preferred format/document type, any style guide, any sample or model texts, and whether you require formatting.
  • Don’t forget the essentials – include deadline, ideal turnaround times, budget, contact details, confidentiality requirements, and any specific approvals which may be required.

Ready, set? Let’s go! Send me your superlative brief and I’ll be at your service.