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Susan Sarandon: Men should be feminists too


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Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald

July 15, 2016

An interview with Susan Sarandon comes with a list of off-limit topics – politics, the church and anything with a whiff of Woody Allen. She talks to Erin O’Dwyer.

SUSAN Sarandon does not do bland or saccharine. Politics is at the heart of everything she says.

Only a few minutes into our conversation, Sarandon launches into a diatribe about deregulation of the US media, lambasting both former Democrat president Bill Clinton and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

“You know, I came of age at a time when it was very clear where the injustice was,” she tells me down the phone from her home in New York.

“This was before Clinton deregulated everything, before the media was taken over by just a few people. You were seeing what was going on and if you had any empathy [you spoke out].”

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Smart Cookie


Photo: Damian Bennett

Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald

May 1, 2016

From food show finalist to cook extraordinaire and now restaurateur, Poh Ling Yeow puts her success down to passion and hard work. She talks to Erin O’Dwyer.

Ask Poh Ling Yeow what it takes to make it as a reality television star and she’ll tell you straight: entrepreneurial spirit and sheer hard work.

“People think they’re going to get a publishing deal or radio gig,” says the 43-year-old celebrity cook. “The infrastructure when you are on a show like that is incredible. It’s like a life-support system, but then it’s gone. You only have a very small window of opportunity before everybody moves on.”

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All About Adele


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Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald

November 22, 2015

After a four-year hiatus, Adele is back and in fine voice. She talks motherhood, fame and her new album in this exclusive Australian interview with Erin O’Dwyer.

Adele, the British singing sensation with the two-octave range and the string of chart-topping ballads, has spent most of the past three years lulling her young son to sleep with nursery rhymes.

“When I’m singing a nursery rhyme I just sound like everyone else,” she laughs. “You can’t really sing a nursery rhyme that well.”

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Walk like a man



Photo: Steven Chee
Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald
July 12, 2015

Former Olympic swimmer Casey Legler made headlines all over again when she became the first woman to be signed as a male model. ERIN O’DWYER meets her.

Casey Legler comes around the corner looking every bit the tall man. At 1.88 metres and with a lean, sinewy frame, she is used to the sideways glance.

“On good days, it’s a second take,” says Legler, wearing man-style chinos, white tee and braces. A yellow beanie sits jauntily above her shaved undercut. Her hands, neck, biceps and forearms are tattooed. “I’m 38, I can deal with it. But to bear the constant brunt of that, it’s an insidious exhaustion.”

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The motherhood penalty

mother 1mother 2Photos: Nick Cubbin
Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald
April 1, 2015

Can women relish motherhood and keep their feet firmly on the career trajectory? Erin O’Dwyer reports on our difficult quest to have it all.

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Dancing between the lines

Photo: Steven Chee
Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald
June 14, 2015fran

Bangarra choreographer Frances Rings has won plaudits for her dance artistry. But behind her stellar success lies a story of family pain and separation. She talks to Erin O’Dwyer.

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Brooke Shields: my mother and me

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Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald
December 2, 2014

Brooke Shields was the biggest star of her generation. But the ’80s icon carried the burden of living with her alcoholic mother. She opens up to Erin O’Dwyer.

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Birth of the uncool


Photo: Universal Music
Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald
November 2, 2014

She’s young, ridiculously wealthy and refreshingly prim and proper. Erin O’Dwyer finds out why not being part of the cool club has paid off handsomely for Taylor Swift.

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The non-conformist

Emma Balfour

Photo: Trevor King
Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald
July 20, 2014

One of the most sought-after models of the ’90s, Emma Balfour is back but wants the quiet life without all the “stuff”. She talks to Erin O’Dwyer about trying to make the world a little bit better.

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The woman most likely

Tanya Plibersek

Photo: Hugh Stewart
Sunday Life, The Sun-Herald
October 20, 2013

If Labor is to make its way out of the political wilderness, deputy opposition leader Tanya Plibersek will be a key player. She talks exclusively to Erin O’Dwyer

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