Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Organic Choice

Pic: Erin O'Dwyer

Australian Yoga Journal
July 2011

Going organic may be just what the doctor ordered, writes Erin O'Dwyer.

A CONVERSATION with Sheridan Hammond is as invigorating as slamming down an ice-cold organic smoothie loaded with bananas, mangoes and fresh-picked leafy greens. Which is exactly what Hammond – a yogic surfer and organic entrepreneur from the south west coast of Western Australia – had for breakfast this morning.
“Organic meant better so I started saying I only want to put organic food in my system," he says. "Then once you try it, you don’t go back.”

Certified organic means food that is produced without synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Organic food is also non-GM, ensures humane treatment of animals and is sustainably farmed.

Plus it tastes better – a key factor in the minds of the almost two in three Australians who include organic in their shopping trolley.

We have little evidence as to whether eating an organic diet can reduce our exposure to the pesticides and insecticides that in large doses are linked to cancer, allergies, depression, infertility and other chronic illness. But for an increasing numbers of Australians, going organic makes logical sense.

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